Store Made Products


1) Sweet Italian: Traditional, mild sausage, no fennel seed.

2) Mild Calabrese: Southern Italian mild sausage made with spices and fennel seed.

3) Sicilian Wine & Cheese: Full flavoured, mild sausage with cheese, wine and fennel seed.

4) Hot Italian: Great tasting “hot” sausage.

5) Cacciatore: Medium-spiced Italian sausage with red wine.

6) Garlic: Farmer’s style, mild sausage with fresh garlic.

7) Honey Garlic: Local organic honey and fresh garlic make this a tasty treat. KIDS LOVE IT!

8) Oktoberfest: Traditional German-Bratwurst style, mild with lots of flavour.

9) Chorizo: Smokey flavoured, medium spiced sausage.

10) Maple Breakfast: Sweetened with organic maple syrup, a wonderful breakfast sausage.

11) Valeriote Breakfast:Savoury breakfast sausage.

12) Chicken Basil: Low-fat, full flavoured and fresh herb tasting sausage made with sheep casings.

13) Berese: An exotic sausage made with lamb, pork and veal, cheese, tomato, parsley and spices. DELIZIOSO!


All of our sausage is made with fresh spices and herbs, pork shoulder meat (except the Chicken Basil), all natural casings, no fillers or breadcrumbs.  Always fresh for you!


            *All burgers are made in store and contain no fillers or additives/preservatives (Gluten Free)

Sirloin Burgers, Beef Burgers, Pork and Beef Burgers, Cowboy Spice Burgers, Steak and Lamb Burgers, Italian Sausage Burgers, Beef and Bacon Burgers


Specialty Items:

Sirloin Pepper Steaks, Baseball Sirloin Steaks, Marinated Pork Chops, Marinated Flank Steak, Marinated Tri-Tip Roasts, Porketta Roasts, Fillet Mignon, Lemon Herb Marinated Chicken (Breast or Boneless Thigh)